Three Tier Rack

The only reliable name for a Three Tier Rack Mezzanine Floor Supplier is Plannco Steel Products Pvt ltd. Wondering if it is true? Well, the answer to this question is, yes it's true. 



We are the most trustworthy firm operating in this sector for over 25 years. All our products are of premium quality and manufactured following the industry standard.

This rule is applied in fabricating the three-tier rack system which is a multi-level racking system starting from the floor level and divided into 1st and second floor by Catwalks.

We mainly get orders for this product from defense, warehouses, and industries where horizontal space is acute short, but vertical space is available for storage.

These racks can be used to keep ammunition, cartons, bins, etc.

What are our plus points?

Plannco Steel Products Pvt ltd believes in customer satisfaction and so we always keep ourselves open to all sorts of queries and suggestions from our elite customers.

With a mind-blowing number of 9800 satisfied customers, we can assure you that all our products will add value to your money.

The raw materials sourced for our production are secured from the best suppliers in the market. Moreover, as the Best Manufacturing Company, our in-house quality experts run a thorough inspection after receiving the materials.

National presence

Plannco Steel Products Pvt ltd is listed as a leading manufacturer, supplier, trader, and dealer of racking systems. We deal with customers all over north and west Rudrapur and aspire to expand ourselves throughout the country, especially in the east and the south.

Our unique approach

As Three Tier Rack Manufacturer in Rudrapur, we provide holistic solutions that do not adopt a short-sighted view of the problem at hand, but rather attempt to influence the business as a whole entity.

Hence, our micro solutions provided by the expert consultant fit the macro perspective of the company and its management.

As a Three Tier Rack Manufacturer: Selecting us

With a competitive market, many other manufacturers are catering to the same products as ours. But we can claim to be different from them because:

- High-quality steel is used for our Three Tier Rack

- All three-tier racks come with an anti-corrosive coating

- Available in various colors

- Designed to fit in the space mentioned to us beforehand

- Does not require welding and can be assembled on the spot

It is possible only for a Top Company like Plannco Steel Products Pvt ltd to deliver you the product within the deadline along with full service of assembling the parts of Three Tier Rack.

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