Steel Storage Racks

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Our steel storage racks are the most popular item in the bulk storage domain. The variety in colors and the high-quality steel that is used to manufacture this product gives us an edge over our competitors.

Plannco Steel Products Pvt ltd steel storage racks are the industrial grade shelving for products that can be hand loaded reducing the need for lift equipment.

The durable Steel Storage Racks are an ideal storage option for holding a variety of materials. It is also considered an affordable alternative for pallet racking.

Price range

The prices of our Steel Storage Racks vary from client to client. For example, in the case of bulk orders from libraries and similar organizations, the prices are far more competitive than the individually tailor-made steel racks. 

Usually, the smaller versions come at a higher price because of too much labor involvement and specifications from the customers’ end.

Ideal places for using steel storage racks

Plannco Steel Products Pvt ltd, the Steel Storage Racks Manufacturer in Kolkata usually gets orders from clients who use steel storage racks for specific purposes.

  • For example, a small boutique owner will use it to keep the garments and allied materials in it. The highlight of this product is that it is accessible from both sides. But this depends entirely on the space available for its installation.
  • Places like libraries, banks, offices, record rooms, logistic firms, malls, retail outlets, etc., prefer a Top Company product to store their items in the steel storage racks.

Research and development

One of the key strength of Plannco Steel Products Pvt ltd is the research and development wing which is supported by the I.S.O as we have ISO 9001:2008 certification that gives us more opportunities to develop qualitative and innovative products that completely matches the latest market trends.

Our competent research and development team is constantly evolving themselves through intense research to update the products after complying with the latest technology.

They also provide valuable suggestions to enhance the features of our existing product line to entice our prospective customers.

Our dedicated team

The hard work and perseverance of our workforce are the vital reasons for being the Best Manufacturing firm.

We have reached this level only because of the finest group of highly qualified engineers, technocrats, machine operators, supervisors, quality control personnel, R&D personnel, and sales and marketing representatives.

Wondering about the reason for our flawless and unique products? It is the untiring efforts, innovative approach, and sheer professionalism of these people who have made us sail through the turbulent waters.

Moreover, Plannco Steel Products Pvt ltd encourage them to join various workshops and skill development programs to motivate them so that their skills are polished and they are ahead of time to meet the challenges that come our way.

This way we confidently improve their knowledge of the various matters associated with our company and the manufacturing process. It is a smart move from our end to tread together and strive for excellence.

Your choice for our steel storage racks

With so many players in the market delivering the same product may make you question us about our differentiation from them.

The answer is very simple. The steel storage racks fabricated by us are done within the deadlines of our customers without creating any hindrance in their existing operations.

We maintain high-quality standards with the help of our sound and sophisticated infrastructure. 

Hence, as Steel Storage Racks Manufacturer in Kolkata, Plannco Steel Products Pvt ltd always look into our clients' convenience before the manufacturing and after the delivery of the product.






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