Heavy Duty Cantilever Racks

Selecting the right Heavy Duty Cantilever Racks Manufacturer in Ghaziabad is an art. And from the lot, choosing Plannco Steel Products Pvt ltd for purchasing this product is a wise move. 



The main reason for us being able to deliver these engineered products are our talented manpower with high perseverance.

The Heavy Duty Cantilever Racks consist of certain components that work jointly to provide larger bays and rows for storage.

Uprights being the pivotal part of cantilever racks are made from high-quality metal that can withstand heavy loads with ease.

Uprights work with bases that form the base of the cantilever racks. Our upright is available in two varieties. The single and double-sided uprights. Since the arms and base should be of the same make, we emphasize this part more to retain the premium quality standard for our product.

Our manufacturing facility

Plannco Steel Products Pvt ltd, the Top Company has good support in-house, refined manufacturing unit that extends over 1000 square feet area.  

Our latest machinery includes a power press, steel cutter, punching machine, banding machine, lathe machine, etc. 

We further have keen eyes on the maintenance of the machines so that they are in the best working condition to deliver the Heavy Duty Cantilever Racks within the specified deadline of our customers.

We do not believe in excuses and delays. Hence, we take preventive measures beforehand so that such instances do not arise.

Cost of our Heavy Duty Cantilever Racks

It is a vital part that every management considers. Because the revenue generation is directly linked to the price of the infrastructure a company chooses.

Keeping this aspect in mind we have made our product reasonably priced so that it is budget-friendly for our clients.

We can assure you that the price of our Heavy Duty Cantilever Racks will be unbeatable in the market if compared with our competitors.

Choose us for Heavy Duty Cantilever Racks

Plannco Steel Products Pvt ltd can confidently convince you to select us for purchasing Heavy Duty Cantilever Racks for the reasons stated below.

Increased load bearing capacity

As a renowned Heavy Duty Cantilever Racks Supplier, Plannco Steel Products Pvt ltd Heavy Duty Cantilever Racks allow storage of oversized and bulky items that can bear the load effortlessly.

Quick access to the products

Our Heavy Duty Cantilever Racks have open design permitting easier product access that can boost your productivity and profitability. It will speed up the process and workflow by helping you locate the commodities quickly.

Fast installation and adjustment

The cantilever racking system that we design is simple to install and can be reconfigured according to the new requirement.

Safety measures

Plannco Steel Products Pvt ltd always suggests our clients refrain from putting arms on the back side of the single-sided cantilever racks. Though the heavy-duty cantilever racks have holes in the uprights to hold added arms, this should be avoided as it is a dangerous practice.

Being the Best Manufacturing firm was not easy. But with team effort and cooperative customers as well as creditors, we have been able to reach here.

We only urge you to give us a chance to serve you.

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