Super Market Display Racks

The famous search engines even display the name of Plannco Steel Products Pvt ltd in the category of Super Market Display Racks Supplier.



We are proud of this fact and enthralled to see our prominent name coming to the top of that list. We are a leading Super Market Display Racks fabricator in this domain for more than three decades. 

We understand that merchandising products is essential in supermarkets. Hence, our display racks are designed to cater to this need in the most innovative way possible.

Our supermarket display racks will help any supermarket owner to place their products conveniently to catch the customers’ eye. This in turn will increase sales and shoot up the revenues in a short time.

Prices of Super Market Display Racks  

Since Plannco Steel Products Pvt ltd is a Top Company, our display racks are made from premium quality steel as our products are a valuable investment for you. The prices of this rack depend mainly on the type of steel used to manufacture it.

Some use mild steel, some use heavy-weight steel. The former is far cheaper than the latter due to its weight and longevity. We always prefer hardy steel for making it a durable product unless our customers demand an affordable one where lightweight steel is used.

We provide customization options to all our clients as a good gesture.

Our Super Market Display Racks

Plannco Steel Products Pvt ltd, the Super Market Display Racks Manufacturer in Faridabad has crafted these display racks into four parts.

  • Top shelves: These shelves can be used to store limited edition items that are costly and are not frequently sold.
  • Reach shelves: This is the eye-level shelf where the most popular products are stacked. The best-selling and leading products are kept here for easy reach of customers.
  • Reach shelves for kids: We know that kids are frequent visitors to supermarkets. Hence our display racks are designed that can be reached by them quickly.
  • Bottom shelves: The bulky and heavy commodities are placed on this shelf so that they can be conveniently picked by potential customers. Our styled supermarket racks are specifically made and this shelf is made with a heavy base to keep large items.

Moreover, all the surfaces are coated with an anti-corrosive chemical to make them more durable.

In short, Plannco Steel Products Pvt ltd, the Best Manufacturing firm keeps in mind these simple yet important issues related to display racks so that our clients get the most from them after procuring from us.


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