Light Duty Pallet Racks

The warehouses always swear by the Best Manufacturing firms for purchasing Light Duty Pallet Racks. These racks being the most sought-after product, are utilized in modern households as well.



 We at Plannco Steel Products Pvt ltd have the cutting-edge technology and the latest machinery to manufacture this functional product. We understand the current requirements of the industries and factories and so we always run a thorough inspection of the quality of the raw materials and the production processes. 

Light Duty Pallet Racks being a vital product are grouped in sections and assembled accordingly as per our client's requirements. Merely production is not our aim. We aspire to make our products more consumer-friendly so that they can be used for various purposes. 

The USP of our pallet racks are:


  • Plannco Steel Products Pvt ltd racks can be customized to      suit the individual need of any client. Be it a warehouse owner or a supermarket or even a ready-made garment retailer, all of them can use this product conveniently.


  • We have limited the load carrying capacity to 250 kg per rack since it is meant to stock only light materials.


  • The flat surfaces derived from press-formed deck panels to ensure proper load carrying capacity can hold the commodity in place without falling or getting tilted due to uneven surfaces.


  • Keeping in mind the various weather conditions of different places, some of the racks are even powder coated to give a smooth finesse and make it rust-free.


Plannco Steel Products Pvt ltd is the only Light Duty Pallet Racks Manufacturer in Faridabad that provides chemically treated with a hot phosphating method so that it is durable and has a long life.

Where can you use our product?

Being a reputed name in the industry, we always emphasize that our products are useful to you. 

Warehouse storage with low capacity

Light weight racking is frequently used by warehouses to stack medicines, garments, food products, etc.

Hand stacked products

Products like frosted fish and meat are stored in boxes and kept at a height which is easily reachable prefer this rack.

Garage racking

As Light Duty Pallet Racks Supplier, we know that quick fitting in a limited space like a garage is essential. Hence, Plannco Steel Products Pvt ltd racks are apt for installation in such places.

Application requirements call for diverse design structures and dimensions that we can manufacture with ease.

The clutter-free method of assembling and detachment makes this product an instant hit among our clients catering to the logistics services.

As a Top Company, Plannco Steel Products Pvt ltd can assure you that you will get what you see in our catalog. Right from the quality to the design and pattern, all will be the same, until you want us to add more features to it or make some alterations to the existing one ready in our workshop.

We feel honored to satisfy your demands despite all challenges.

We understand you and so we always listen to your suggestions and take your advice so that we can deliver the best from our end every time you place your order with us.

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